Bitcoin CrazYness

The Most Advanced Cryptocurrency APP

Alerts, Charts, Coin Query, Coin Tracker, True Gain/Loss Calculation

Alert on indicators such as MACD, RSI, Ichimoku, and TD Sequential


Interactive Charts
Advanced Indicators
Buy/Sell Signals
Net Worth
Advanced Alerts
Market Data
FOMO Calculator
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BitcoinCrazyness is one of the most comprehensive and feature rich cryptocurrency apps in the market and is completely free. Developed by a small group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts in CA, USA.

Interactive Charts

Candlestick with indicators such as MACD, RSI, Ichimoku, and TD Sequential

Advanced Alerts

Set price limit, trailing delta, and indicator (MACD, RSI, ...) alerts on more than 1500 coins

Market Cap and Volume Alerts

Set alerts on market cap and volume for each coin and or on total cryptocurrency market cap

Personalized Alerts

Too many alerts? Add your own emojis to more important alerts 🚀🌙

Latest News

Aggregating crypto currency news from all of your favorite sites

Buy and Sell Signals

Buy and sell signals for each coin based on indicators

Portfolio & Coin Tracker

True gain/loss calculation

Latest Price

Latest price in various currencies


Query on more than 1500 coins, e.g., what coins have RSI higher than 40?


All information and alerts provided for free!

We new friends!